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The 1000 Things

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The lobster clasp, the water closet, postcards from Surinam, spiders, how we experience reality, exaltation, and Max’s Kansas City are just a few of the thousand peculiar things contained in The 1000 Things. A website project initiated by LUST and Erik Viskil in The Hague, Netherlands.

A sort of digital encyclopedia that collects inspiring ideas, curious things, exceptional people, and memorable events with one single purpose: inspire us. One can wonder around while discovering things you didn’t even know existed! The 1000 Things was designed to be expanded as a collaborative experiment. It aims to attract artists and academics from all over the world. The content is as diverse as its collaborators which includes artists, scientists, philosophers, students, musicians, theoreticians, and antiquarians among others.

1000 Things is supported by the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague. The editorial team is lead by editor-in-chief Hanne Hagenaars.

Check it out. Click around, I trust you’ll find something fun and interesting.

new york branding sports graphic design agency


August 12, 2017

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