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7th Annual Korean American Film Festival New York

KAFFNY is the first and only film festival in New York City showcasing the diversity of Korean American and Korean diasporic perspectives in film. Every year, KAFFNY has continued to broaden its focus on emerging filmmakers to include international films by Korean and as well as non-Korean filmmakers.

2013 is an important milestone for the festival. Besides commemorating its 7th year, it also marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. Even though almost 6 million US soldiers were sent to Korea most Americans know little about the ‘Forgotten War.’ This year’s KAFFNY program explores how the reverberations of this war are still felt to this day and how they are explored in the medium of film.

Five of their main program’s feature-length fiction and documentary films explore the forgotten history, the continuing impact of the Korean War, and relevant North Korean subject matter. In our research to design the branding of the festival, Alfalfa watched them. We highly recommend them.

Needless to say, festivals like this are important and, to bring awareness to issues outside the mainstream our support is essential. KAFFNY is a completely volunteer-run, independent film festival and 501(c)(3) non-profit, boasting a seven-year track record with no other purpose than to showcase the diversity of artists’ perspectives that exist within their own community and in relation to other communities.

KAFFNY has started a Kickstarter campaign. We invite you to support them, as the funds will be used to properly promote their one-of-a-kind program. In addition, let’s support independent initiatives like this as they only help make our culture richer and our world more interesting.

This project will only be funded if at least $1,000 is pledged by Sunday Oct 20, 11:59pm EDT. KAFFNY KIckstarter, three days and $450 left!

Our contribution? Alfalfa Studio designed their banners, which are currently displayed around Koreatown in Manhattan.

7th Annual KAFFNY @ Village East Cinemas
October 24-26, 2013

See the full program here.
Get your tickers here.

Banner design by Alfalfa Studio

Banner design by Alfalfa Studio


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