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‘A True Story’ by The Atlantic and Allstate, Six Heartwarming Animations for The Renewal Awards

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Over the last few years, animation has skyrocketed in the creative industry. More and more you’ll stumble upon beautiful visual narratives by cohorts of talented people. A True Story, a project commissioned by The Atlantic and Allstate for The Renewal Awards, is the perfect example of this booming industry. The Renewal Awards was a nationwide competition that recognized local non-profit organizations that were leaders in bringing positive change within their communities. They picked 25 out of 500 non-profits from across the U.S. to compete for a funding of $100,000. The public was allowed to vote on the different categories:

Allstate Youth Empowerment: Organizations who support youth growth and development
Community Action: Creating change and opportunity for underserved communities
Ingenuity: Honoring projects that promote simple yet creative solutions to solve complex problems
Neighborhood Revitalization: Projects focused on rebuilding communities
Self-Starter: Underdog organizations founded without substantial support from large funders

Source: The Atlantic and Allstate

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Guille Comin and Edgar Ferrer directed the six stories for The Renewal Awards, which honored six non-profit organizations who won. These stories were collected from real members of the diverse communities who were positively impacted by the non-profit. While each animation is quite short, under two minutes, the narratives are compelling, heartwarming, and aesthetically gorgeous.

When we hear about some big non-profit organizations, it’s difficult to grasp the tangible results of the work they do, as important as we know they are. But watching these animations helped me better understand the direct positive impacts these organizations have with their local community members. Maybe it’s just because I’m a visual person, but after watching the first one, I couldn’t stop myself and continued to watch all of them (and I’m glad I did!). These animations were well crafted, engaging, and informative.

1. A True Story – Deb

2. A True Story – Rhys

3. A True Story – Carly

4. A True Story – Andrea

5. A True Story – Gabriel

6. A True Story – Imad

Here are some images of the process:

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new york branding sports graphic design agency

Color Key

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Character Design

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new york branding sports graphic design agency

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Directed by: Edgar Ferrer & Guille Comin
Producer: Edgar Ferrer
Creative Direction: Guille Comin
Art Direction: Elda Broglio
Art Production Coordinator: Paola Ovejeros
Storyboard: Guille Comin
Illustration: Elda Broglio, Cynthia Alonso
Cel Animation: Anne-Lou Erambert, Guille Comin
2D/3D Animation: Edgar Ferrer
Clean Up: Guille Comin, Celia Ibañez Lamuño
Compositing: Edgar Ferrer
Script: The Atlantic
Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero

More info about the project here.

March 6, 2017
Film & TV
Social Impact

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