What we do

To be human is to tell stories.

Whether we seek to inspire the fans and players of a professional sports team with a new
brand identity, or to celebrate the entertainment industry in New York City with an iconic logo
for the Mayor’s Office, our design works as visual storytelling that is:

  • Accessible, not esoteric
  • Full of feeling, not sterile
  • Passionate about life, not detached

Our philosophy is to make the idea clear and simple, the design surprising and beautiful.

Our capabilities

  • Brand Development (Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity)
  • Publication Design
  • Image Making
  • Dimensional Design
  • Moving Image
  • Campaign Development

Why work with us

We thrive on solving complex problems for clients through simplicity, innovation, and visual
power. What sets us apart from other design firms is work driven by:

  • 1. Independent, non-traditional thinking
  • 2. Multidisciplinary expertise
  • 3. Priority on delivering world-class creative
  • 4. Close collaboration with clients
  • 5. Flat structure with no middle management
  • 6. Nimble processes tailored to clients
  • 7. Focus on long-term relationships

Visit Alfalfa Studio and see the difference we can make for you.