Alfalfa Studio has been creating truly inspiring work in sports, culture, and entertainment for more than a dozen years. DETAILS

Producing award-winning design, Alfalfa Studio flourished from the start. Rather than seeking to grow the studio into a larger agency, Esquer has chosen to keep Alfalfa Studio small and entrepreneurial. It’s a business model that works well to preserve the founding ideal of free artistic expression and to ensure that clients always have direct access to the design team. Now located in SoHo, Alfalfa Studio is proud to be a thriving part of New York’s downtown design culture.

What keeps the Alfalfa team excited about design is the challenge of solving complex problems for clients through simplicity, surprise, and beauty.Their initial approach is from a white canvas, without the overlay of formulas or rules. Yet that canvas is always stretched by personal artistic experience: journeys through the many worlds of language, education, love, literature, film, fine art, pop culture, music, science, politics, travel, and dreams.

While the studio embraces diverse visual styles, points of view, techniques, cultures, and influences, its philosophy is strictly consistent:

Make the idea clear and simple, the design surprising and beautiful.

Faithful adherence to this philosophy has paid off. In 2007, for example, German publisher Taschen included Esquer in their collection of the world’s 100 most progressive designers working today (Contemporary Graphic Design. Charlotte and Peter Fiell, eds.).Ranging from a local start-up company to a large international corporation, clients at Alfalfa Studio have included Kate Spade New York, The Glass House, Björk, Amphibian Stage Productions, The Houston Rockets, The New York Times Magazine, Nike, AIGA, International Flavors and Fragrances, Tommy Boy Records, Target, Scholastic, Museo del Barrio, The City of New York and MTV.

Alfalfa Studio’s website displays the range of artistic, conceptual, and strategic thinking that we bring to the practice of graphic communications. The projects included here are united by our belief in the emotional power and clear communication of good design, and in the advantages of working without creative restraints.

In 2009, Alfalfa Studio launched Alfalfa New York its own online lifestyle brand. Alfalfa New York designs, produces and sells limited edition products including graphic t-shirts, gift items and tote bags sold exclusively at and reporting worldwide sales.