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Alfalfa New York Top 7 Instagrams Part XII

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The four runner-ups include two images of New York City, a street art image captured in Bogota, Colombia and a free-flowing drawing from Rafael Esquer’s personal sketchbook

This world is full of endless inspiration; from colors to places to people. Everything is out there. For the last few years, I’ve been using Instagram to capture those fleeting moments that offer a glimpse into the extraordinary. Many times I’ve wondered why something that we see everyday, all of the sudden, seems special. This delicious unpredictability makes this world an incredible place to be.

Today, I share the most popular posts selected by you, my Instagram community. Over the last few months, I’ve visited few countries with its different climates and charming environments. From my hometown in the Sonoran desert to the southern tip of the American continent. Each place has inspired me and has prompted me to share its beauty with the world through this fantastic app named Instagram.

As with previous installments, out of the last 100 pictures, here are the 7 most well-liked photos as selected by you, our Alfalfa New York followers. You can help us choose the next Top 7 set by following our @alfalfanewyork Instagram account and ‘liking’ your favorites.

Without further ado, here are the winners this time around:

7. English pop star David Bowie passed away on January 10, 2016. This image was taken few days after his death. A humble tribute in NoLita, New York to an incredible talent. RIP David Bowie.

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6. For the sixth spot, we have a tie between three images: (1) A playful street art pattern created by overlapping hearts spotted in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The unexpected juxtaposition of the two elements – the sweetness of the heart shape and the aggressive nature of graffiti – makes this image memorable.
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(2) The organic pattern created by these traditional Colombian hats is magnetic. The hats are called “cañaflecha,” and in older times, the design of the patterns was meant to mark the family to which it belongs.
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(3) The mysterious allure of this black and white image seems to come straight from a classic New York film. No wonder why it seduced many and made it into the top 7.
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5. The East Village in New York City is one of my favorite neighborhoods. This photograph clearly explains why. It’s located on Avenue A, one area of Manhattan that is not afraid of color.
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4. My first apartment in New York City was only one block away from this little alleyway in the East Village. And, it is a sight like this that helps make my first year in New York City unforgettable.
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3. Design, typography and street art is a winning combination. This image captures a street artist executing his vision at the corner of Kenmore and Mulberry Street in Little Italy area.
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2. What happens when you mix a hipster, street art and a man with a camera? Images like this. A whole lotta love is about to hit this clueless hipster.
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1. And the winner is…John Lennon! No, folks, this image was not created using any photoshop filters. It was a humble flyer glued to a lamppost on the streets of Bogota, Colombia being worn by the weather. All textures and layers were done naturally by the passing of time. Nothing beats the real thing, right?

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Via Alfalfa New York’s Instagram, we share beautiful things from New York and around the world. Follow us in our visual journey.

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April 20, 2016
Inside Alfalfa Studio
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