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Amazon’s FireTV Launched a New Look

amazon new york branding sports graphic design agency

Last year, Amazon announced a refreshing, much-needed update on the UI design of their second generation Fire TV and Fire TV stick devices. My Fire TV stick finally updated, and man it does look good…and looks like Netflix. *Ooops, sorry Netflix.*

amazon new york branding sports graphic design agency

Despite its uncanny appearance to its competitor, the sleek update has many users sighing in relief. Before the update, the usability of Fire TV was clunky, lacked quality organization, and was difficult to navigate. The new update acknowledges some of these bugs. Amazon completely did away with the left sidebar navigation, expanded the content available (e.g. HBO Now, Showtime, and Netflix), changed the home screen, customizable apps, and a universal search that allows individuals to voice search for any content regardless of what platform it is located. According to Variety Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent, Janko Roettgers said:

This is Amazon’s “first major overhaul of the Fire TV interface ever since the company introduced its video streaming devices in 2014, and it lays the blueprint for future evolutions, including a possible integration of live TV sources.”

What I liked about the new look, was that it reduced my navigation time in half, so now I can easily watch the episodes to my favorite shows I started the night before.

April 29, 2017
Film & TV

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