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Every two years, the world stops and rather than focusing on negativity, comes together to appreciate talent (albeit very temporarily). All across the globe, people are focused on figure skating and swimming and running and gymnastics and curling, rooting for their own country’s athletes while admiring everyone. From 1912 to 1948, the Olympics weren’t just […]

The AT&T building, now known as the Sony Tower, at 550 Madison Avenue is an icon and important marker of a turning point in postmodern architecture. The building was so important that it was placed prominently the cover of Time Magazine five whole years before it opened. The building was originally commissioned to be the […]

In an area of northern Lebanon called Tripoli, the second largest city in Lebanon, a series of 82 rooftops stretching almost a mile are painted bright green. From the ground, you wouldn’t even know it was there. But from above, it sends a powerful message. Salam– Arabic for Peace. The twin brothers and artists who […]

Victoria Villasana, a Mexican textile artist, has worked on projects ranging from street art to installations to portraits. Her works often depict strong women, and her use of embroidery is whimsical and a thoughtful social statement. “Working with fabric makes me feel connected with an inner rebellious femininity. Embroidery is undervalued as just a ‘woman’s […]

Even in a world increasingly dominated by everything digital, we owe so much the simplest of inventions: a pencil. The greatest ideas start off with graphite on paper, the most beautiful art and prose could not be anything without it. In a recent series, Christopher Payne, whose photographs were recently featured in the New York […]

Tugo Cheng is a fine art photographer with an architectural background. His works highlight patterns, order, and rhythm. I love the mesmerizing patterns in his work. His photographs transform ordinary views into surreal ones with compositions that make his photography seem intentional despite being of subjects with the spontaneity of the real world. He earned […]

An installation called Eight Nights Eight Windows is Boston’s first Jewish Public Art installation. Through the 8 days of Hanukkah, which ended last Tuesday, 8 Boston establishments displayed installations. They were selected by a jury of art leaders, practitioners, and notable curators. Luminous Miracle by Matt Brand on display at United South End Settlements Giants […]