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I think the best part about working in Soho, isn’t the beautiful people, the millions of food options, or the history per se, it’s the art and inspiration found in every corner. Colossal Media are constantly painting signs by hand, new shops that dictate style all over the world are opening up every day, and […]

One of the most appealing aspects of printmaking is its constraints. Ink + surface = print. Simple as that. What you can do with those elements, is up to you. I’ve seen screen printers use chocolate sauce as ink to decorate crepes, I’ve seen skateboards used as surfaces, and countless of methods of actual printing. […]

A couple weeks ago something amazing happened. Something immature, sure, but beautiful none-the-less. Reddit, one of the most popular websites in the world (with close to 8 billion page views per month), decided to conduct a little April Fool’s Day social experiment. With the creation of a subreddit called r/place, Reddit turned to its users […]

Las Vegas… The Entertainment Capital of the World… a city synonymous with1 sin, gambling, money, and lights. I’ve never been there, but as a designer, I’ve always been fascinated with the branding of Vegas. One casino trying to out do another on a dusty strip in the middle of the dessert. With amazing buffets, the […]

Meow Wolf… I don’t really know how to describe it. Think Disneyland on acid, in the middle of Sante Fe. A friend of mine told me about it, and after some research, I knew I had to write a post. I have never heard of anything like it before. After seeing the photos, I realized […]

“This is who we are, This is where we live… and I think that’s beautiful”- Guido Van Helten Once upon a time, when I was a young college lad, I lived in a group house in Brooklyn. We got lucky and had a little extra space so when in need, we would allow our friends […]

If you haven’t already binged S-town, you should stop reading this and go do that. S-town is the new podcast series by This American Life producer Brian Reed. Similar to the Serial podcast, (Sarah Koenig is listed as an editorial advisor) S-Town takes us to a small town in Alabama to investigate an alleged murder. […]

Imagine walking into a coffee shop early in the morning before work. You’re hungry and tired because you overslept your alarm by 20 minutes, so you had to skip breakfast. After looking at the menu you order a croissant and a latte. Both come out on time, and taste fine, like a croissant and latte […]

President Trump has released the first proposed federal budget of his presidency and surprise surprise, it looks like “the arts” are on the chopping block. You know what isn’t: Defense and National Security. Although it’s largely just for show, as most president’s first proposed federal budgets are usually “dead-on-arrival,” it’s a telling sign of the […]

It’s been a little more than 60 days since trump has taken the oath of office but it hasn’t gone swimmingly, to say the least. It seems like Trump is an egotistical demigod who is obsessed with his self-image and self-worth. That got me thinking: as a president who’s having a huge image problem, who’s […]