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Banksy’s Art-Filled Hotel on Israel

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If you are still looking for a destination for your summer vacation, how about Israel? British guerrilla artist Banksy, who is known for his politically charged works, opened art-filled Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, five meters from the wall that separates Israel from the Palestinian West Bank, a few months ago.

As you already know, Banksy supplied plenty of politically provocative graffitis all over the world. Then, he converted a former pottery workshop into the Walled Off Hotel, which is located in Area C, a section that is open to Israelis and Palestinians. Banksy describes the facility as an “open-hearted community resource” that is not allied to any political party or pressure group.

Additionally, Banksy recently made two massive murals depicting U.S president Donald Trump, who visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem and also promised to build a wall separating the United States from Mexico. There are a lot of decorative and trendy hotels all over the world but this Walled Off Hotel is not only a well-designed but also thought-provoking like his artworks. If you have a chance to travel to Israel, this is a worthwhile place to visit.

New york branding sports graphic design agency

Banksys_Walled Off Hotel_Interior_Art_Painting_Graffiti_3

Banksys_Walled Off Hotel_Interior_Art_Painting_Graffiti_4

August 7, 2017
Fine Arts
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