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Chassol music videos

Chassol told us that he is first a musician before to be an artist. Today I want to introduce to you to Chassol, one of the most talented french pianists of our generation. He is the author of the extraordinary album “x pianos” and pianist of Phoenix and Sebastien Tellier.

Youtube is his favorite place to find inspiration. Editing videos is now really easy and Chassol uses it like a new instrument. For him, sounds don’t have to be in harmony to create music, rather the repetition and the editing are the keys to producing something beautiful. Poets do it too; poems can be musical without any singing or music. It is the repetition of the same sentence or sound with tempo that makes it musical.

Repetition plus a melody can create a movement to a singular song, or in his words, it “is fascinating to be able to create a harmony with a repetition of a sound.”

We could go on at length here about the 1,300 pieces composed by Chassol, all of them stored on hard disk. He performed also at la Gaîté Lyrique, presenting his videos and playing live – the video. Indiamor will be his new movie project, filming the sounds of “cows, cats, dogs, and transportation chaos” all around India.

Through experimental music, house music, and cosmic piano melodies, Chassol is the result of genius and talent.

Catch his next show at Café de la Danse Ciné-concert if you are in Paris!
Saterday 03/31/2012 at 7:30pm

March 14, 2012
Film & TV

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