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Coco-Cola Unveils The World’s First Robotic Billboard

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Images © 2017 Coca-Cola

Billboards are the most significant appeal of walking through Times Square, other than the hoards of people. At a massive scale, in Times Square, they advertise the hottest products, the news, and even broadcasts live events. These large bright screens define the commercial appeal of Manhattan, and now they are headed toward some advancements with who other than the company giant, Coca-Cola.

On August 15, Coca-Cola revealed the world’s first robotic 3D sign, the only of its kind. This sign, which took four years to create and is made from 1,760 LED screens, shifts independently, in a wave-like motion. It’s an intriguing design that has potential in advertising. Below is a video of this robotic 3D sign in action. What do you think? Comment below.

3D Coke Sign in Times Square from Loren Brinton on Vimeo.

August 28, 2017

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