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Get Your Design Critiqued by Stefan Sagmeister

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Photo @ 2017 Victor G. Jeffreys / Vienna Würstelstand

If you had the opportunity to receive advice from one of the most well-known graphic designers alive, would you send your work to them? If you’re a graphic designer looking to improve, the answer is probably yes. Earlier this year, Graphic Designer Stefan Sagmeister started using his Instagram account as a hub to critique and showcase other designers work, killing two birds with one stone. Design blog Dezeen calls is a sort of “design clinic.”

Each critique Sagmeister gives is short, frank, and somewhat personal. At first, as a follower, I thought it would a short lived experiment. Months later, it has become an internet sensation for the online creative community. His 234k followers often chime in their own opinions in his post’s comments section, agreeing or disagreeing with his critiques. The backstory to what Dezeen calls a sort of “design clinic,” is quite unexpected. In an interview with Dezeen, Sagmeister said:

“We had started a monthly salon in NYC where designers could come into our studio and I would critique their work. As this was not possible while I’m on sabbatical (I’m taking a year with equal time in Mexico City, Tokyo and the Austrian Alps), I thought to do it on Instagram.”

This “design clinic” has received all kinds of work that may, or may not need improvement. At times, he goes beyond just visuals, navigating the context of an image and how it could better relate to its core message. His critiques are constructive and a unique use of the image sharing platform Instagram. It will be interesting to see what other ideas Stefan Sagmeister may come up with next.

October 1, 2017

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