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David Lewandowski’s Surreal Animations

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Sometimes you just get burnt out. It happens to every designer. In fact, it happens to everyone in every field. That’s why Stefan Sagmeister takes a sabbatical every seven years. That’s why Donald trump spends millions of tax payers dollars to spend weekends at the “Southern Whitehouse” in Mar-a-lago. That’s the point of a vacation. Sometimes you come home with a tan, sometimes you come home with a regrettable tattoo or cornrows, but sometimes if you’re David Lewandowski, you come home with works of surrealist animation.

You might remember those super weird (but oddly mesmerizing) videos of a rendered man walking, or better yet moving, down the street from a couple years ago. Well, those were thanks to a passion project created by David Lewandowski. After being tapped to do the opening credits for Tron, and motion graphics for Tom Cruise’s Oblivion, David was burnt out. However, instead of taking a vacation he created Late for Meeting and Going to the Store.

According to an article written by Wired in 2013:

“When you’re working six or seven days a week, 12 hours a day, and you’ve alienated every girl from your life for a year, and you’ve flaked on your friends so many times that they’ve written you off—that’s not worth it,” he says. After the movie wrapped, Lewandowksi decided to take some time for a personal project. He wanted to try his hand at being a director, not just a graphics guy.”

And thus Late for Meeting and later Going to the Store was born.

The renderings come from what he calls “digital hiccups.” During the making of Tron, the digital graphics team were tasked with creating a younger Jeff Bridges, however whenever an input was incorrect it would make “the front of the head go one mile in one direction, the back of the head go a mile in the other, and the teeth and the eyeballs are still in place.” He thought this was hilarious, and from these “mistakes” we have our friendly protagonist. Calming, disturbing, and absolutely mind-bending, I would suggest you watch it and get weird.

Most recently Lewandowksi collaborated with artist Jen Stark in creating the visuals for the MTV Video Music Awards hosted by Miley Cyrus. Check out his website and twitter for more good stuff, and remember, make sure to take breaks or else you’ll end up like rubberman.

March 19, 2017

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