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Eye Contact with a Sculpture

New York graphic design studio

Today I’d like to introduce an eye-contact-making sculpture which was displayed at the New York Zwirner Gallery. This “Colored Sculpture” was created by Jordan Wolfson, who also did animatronic artwork “Female Figure” back in 2014.

When you get into this Gallery, you will see the computer-controlled show with the high-tech sculpture which runs for 15 minutes. You’ll presence the robotic Howdy Doody controlled by chains performing a creepy movement with a monotone male voice. It then begins to enumerate a fragmented list that alternates pleasant and hateful thoughts about a loved one. Meanwhile the floppy, gap-toothed marionette manipulated by the chain performs, he will keep rolling his eyes to make eye contact with the audience.

New York graphic design studio New York graphic design studio

The eye contact is a result of several cameras throughout the truss with a facial recognition software that directly controls the video eyes of the figure. So if you enter alone, it would be a much more exciting experience. The eyes of this robotic Howdy Doody will keep trying to make contact with yours.

An interesting thing about this sculpture is that contrary to the title of the exhibition “Colored Sculpture,” the color on the sculpture is notably disappearing with drags across the concrete floor as the show goes on. It’s Wolfson’s intention to express self-vandalism. Through a human-like robot being brutally tortured for the entertainment of its spectators, he’d like to show an adult theme-park entertainment.

New York graphic design studio

New York graphic design studio

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July 3, 2016

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