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Female Designers from ESU Use 3D Printing Technologies to Create Prosthetics for Muscovy Duck

3d printing new york city creative graphic design firm studio

Meet Scoby

As an alumni of East Stroudsburg University, I am so proud to share with you the fascinating work that has been created in the sake of helping the community using 3D Printing technologies. When I say community, I mean the animal community and mother nature. You see, a Muscovy duck, Scoby, is missing a leg and these four powerhouse designers, Alisha Rohrer, Darlene Farris-Labar, Jocelyn Kolb-DeWitt, and Rachel Swartz are in the process of upgrading him to a prosthetic leg made with 3D printing technologies. With a lot of effort, patience, and 3D printing technologies, these four women have been able to help Scoby get back on his feet. I spoke to Alisha and Rachel directly to learn more about their process and progress.

3d printing new york city creative graphic design firm studio

Early Prototype

Over the last couple of months, multiple prototypes were designed to accommodate the limitations they encountered. The most significant limiting factor was the fact that Scoby’s amputation above the knee joint and time. Scoby needed a new limb, fast. After three prototypes, ultimately with their in-house printer Dimensions E1200, they printed a silicon sock to hold his limb in place and roller skates for mobility.

3d printing new york city creative graphic design firm studio

Early prototype

They collaborated with East Stroudsburg University’s G3 Lab, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, and New Mind Design Agency in Pennsylvania. 3D printing technologies are relatively new to East Stroudsburg University’s Art and Design department. To design the prosthetics, they used 3D graphic software Rhino, 3D CAD software Solidworks and thoroughly studied the anatomy of Muscovy ducks. Designing with the intention to enhance another life is the best thing we can do as designers!

If you like reading about 3D printing, I know you will enjoy this post.


April 7, 2017
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