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Hermes’ La Nature au Galop Pop-up Book

Hermes new york city creative graphic design studio

All images © Brainrental and Coney Leung

Coney Leung is an illustrator based in LA and an Art Center College of Design graduate. Brainrental-Lab is a combination of three artists and designers from Hong Kong. And together they’ve created this wonderful pop-up book for Hermes.

Every year Hermes picks a theme that is reflected through its collection and its store Windows. Last year’s theme was “La Nature au Galop.” Coney Leung along with the guys at Brainrental created a superb accordion pop-up book, which followed the seasons and how they affect animals and plants.

They tried to capture in different scenes the ephemeral moments of transition between seasons and within the full book they depicted a whole year of cycle and transition within nature. The resulting project is every boy and girl’s dreamed animal book. The detail and technique of the illustration take us back to childhood memories while the elegant packaging refers us to the sophisticated attributes of Hermes brand.

You can learn more about Corey Leung and Brainrental-Lab here.

new york city creative graphic design studio


May 17, 2017

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