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Illustrator James Jean’s Breathtaking Posters for Aronofsky’s Mother!

James Jean New york branding sports graphic design agency

James Jean’s haunting images of Jennifer Lawrence pulling her heart out has gripped the attention of movie goers world wide. Black Swan Director Darren Aronofsky tweeted this poster for his newly released film back on Mother’s Day this year, anticipating its release. Mother! is officially in theaters, and more posters have been brought to the surface.

Taiwanese American artist and illustrator, James Jean, has published countless works for clients like DC Comics, Prada, and ESPN. Known for his versatility and beautifully detailed illustrations, its not surprising that James Jean has given mother! a life of its own. These moody images romantically depict actors Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem staring in their own imaginary scenes. You can buy James Jean’s poster’s here, on his online store.

New york branding sports graphic design agency

September 17, 2017

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