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Jeff Koons’ Latest Work: Snapchat Augmented Reality

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You may be familiar with Jeff Koons‘ giant, reflective sculptures that look like balloon animals. His works are extremely well-known and have been featured all over the world. Koons’ latest sculptures range from balloon dogs to rabbits and lumps of Play-Doh. Although these installations are three stories tall, if you walked by them, you might not realize they are there. Why? Because they are part of Snapchat’s Lens Feature. They have augmented reality.

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Viewers can see Koons’ sculptures with the latest version of Snapchat within 300 meters of the lens. Users can interact and take photos with the sculptures.

This is just the beginning of Snapchat’s collaboration with artists. Founder and Chief Executive of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, said this was “just the beginning.” He hopes that Snapchat is “inspiring young people all over the world to create with our cameras.” Artists can submit an application on Snapchat’s website to work with Snapchat.

The merging of technology and art is truly incredible. Jeff Koons said:

“Creative experience brings us together brings about better communication. It’s so exciting to see the lenses come to life.”

I am excited to see how the relationship between art and technology will continue to grow.

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All images © Snapchat 2017

The augmented reality sculptures are located near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, in Central Park, Hyde Park, Roundhouse Park in Toronto, Millennium Park in Chicago, outside the Sydney Opera House, in the National Mall in DC, Copacabana Beach in Rio, and Venice Boardwalk in California.

October 5, 2017
Fine Arts

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