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Be One of 1612 DOTS Today


Traveling on the PATH train during rush hour really puts a bad taste in my mouth: mostly because of the people. Sometimes I dream about creating a nice invisible box where that I can find my zen and travel to work without someone coughing on me, blocking the train door or jamming me into it.  All of these people I traveled with bothered me and I believe I would be more courteous, that I was better.

How wrong was I…

A light switched on for me one day: “I will never know where these people are going, but for right now, we’re headed in the same direction.” This happens a lot in New York City and is one of the many things that makes New York City so special. Despite our differences, we are quite similar.  

Although many humans on this Earth are 99.9 percent identical, extreme nationalism, xenophobia, and an intolerance of different ideas are growing trends. Artist, Jonathan Horowitz, wants you (and 1,612 others) to pause and take a second to remember how similar we are by simply paint a black dot.

1612 DOTS currently resides in the Oculus of the World Trade Center, perfectly placed right outside of the entrance of the PATH trains. Until May 21, you have the opportunity to unite with 1,611 others to paint a lovely black dot.

The hours are:

May 5-7, 12-5PM

May 12-14, 12-5PM

May 19-21, 12-5PM

Tweet your dot @westfieldworldtradecenter @1612dots with #WestfieldWTC.




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