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Illustrator Julia Rothman Takes On Citi Summer Streets

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All images © 2017 Julia Rothman

Walking in New York City can be a drag, especially during the summer. Its congested. Its hot and the last thing you want to do is to stay in the streets, or is it? It might be a different story this summer as award-winning illustrator, Julia Rothman, unveiled her art signage project for New York City’s Annual Citi Summer Streets. It will get you dancing in the streets, literally.

Throughout the month of August, sixty signs will cover Manhattan’s sidewalks, Citi Banks’ bikes, and all Summer Street rest stops from Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park from 7am to 1pm to celebrate the love and pride of New York: the streets. These fun signs are a clever alternative of New York’s authoritative signages. Want to see them in person? You can go to these locations to view this city wide project. But don’t just stand there, keep it moving.

For more updates on her work can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

It’s cominggggg! I’m so honored to have worked with the @nyc_dot on all of the artwork for this year’s Summer Streets! For three Saturdays in August (5th,12th,19th) Park Avenue is closed to cars and open to runners, bikers, yogis, water sliders, basketball players, and more. They have activities for everyone including dogs. I illustrated banners, ads (front page of Sunday’s Nyt 😱), @citibike 👆🏼and more that you will start seeing around NYC. (Also did a metal sign project that just got installed in collab with @fakejoshstein – got to go get pics of that) Thanks so much to the wonderful team at @nyc_dot and @nyc_dotart and to Anelle Miller at @soi128 for recommending me for this amazing project. See you on the streets soon 🙌🏼

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August 6, 2017

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