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A logo is not a brand. A logo is a “mental search engine” for a brand.

A brand lives in the memory: a cluster of images, ideas, experiences, values, and feelings. A logo retrieves this cluster from memory and reactivates in the present moment. To design an effective logo, then, we begin with deep knowledge of its brand—so that it will best evoke what the brand delivers. The logos and marks in our portfolio successfully align and connect with the “mind-space” of the brands they represent.

  • logos-amphibian

    Amphibian Productions

  • logos-HoustonRockets

    Houston Rockets

  • logos-marks2

    Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts

  • logos-bocatto

    Bocatto Gourmet

  • logos-madeinNY

    Made in NY

  • logos-cumbe


  • logos-laColectiva

    La Colectiva

  • logos-marks1

    The Texas Boys Choir

  • logos-311

    NYC 311

  • logos-cielito

    Cielito Lindo

  • logos-orinoco


  • logos-conciergerie

    Concierge Boutique

  • logos-concert

    Concert for George

  • logos-latinBag

    Latin Bag

  • logos-guadalupe

    Guadalupe Pineda

  • logos-yoyoOpen

    Yoyo Open

  • logos-ambush


  • logos-alfalfaSeeds

    Alfalfa New York

  • logos-FilmNY

    Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting

  • logos-marksV


  • logos-roadToParis

    Road to Paris

  • logos-ibanez

    Ibañez Architecture

  • logos-highlights


  • logos-flatiron

    Flatiron Workshop

  • logos-martineCasting

    Martine Casting

  • logos-taleneReilly

    Talene Reilly

  • logos-eatingOutLoud

    Eating Out Loud

  • logos-brotherhood


  • logos-yoyoTV


  • logos-manuelaMorales

    Manuela Morales

  • logos-donquijote

    The Man Who Killed Don Quijote

  • logos-nextGeneration

    Next Generation Leadershi

  • logos-inStudio

    In Studio with Nic Harcourt

  • logos-olfactiveDesignStudio

    Olfactive Design Studio

  • logos-popcoin


  • logos-talpoutpo

    Outpost Digital