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NASA’s Poster for the Newly Discovered Planet TRAPPIST-1e is Captivating

nasa new york city creative graphic design studio firm

In February 2017, NASA discovered a new solar system with seven potentially habitable planets close to the dwarf-star, TRAPPIST-1. Out of the seven planets, there are three planets in the “just right” zone. These three planets are TRAPPIST-1e, TRAPPIST-1f, and TRAPPIST-1g. Is TRAPPIST-1e really the “Voted Best ‘Hab Zone’ Vacation Within 12 Parsecs of Earth?” Wait before you pack your bags and make your arrangements, you should know that this solar system is a bit far. To be exact, this trip will take 40 light years. For those who don’t understand how far 40 light years is, it is nearly 3.7336×1014 km. Not patient enough for that? Me either. Luckily, NASA felt your pain and commemorated it with a poster of TRAPPIST-1e to celebrate this monumental discovery. This may be the closest that you would get to taking a nice cruise to TRAPPIST-1e.

Look at the poster. It’s beautifully made by Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA. You need a poster that makes you a starry-eyed kid again. In a way, you are visiting the planet by enjoying the extraterrestrial scenery; you can have your cake and eat it too. Below are some more retro posters by this in-house design agency. What excites me more about this poster is that you can download a high-resolution version and print it out yourself. Also, there are various different screen sizes here. Enjoy the view!

Luckily, this is not Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA’s first poster celebrating the wonders of outer space and exoplanets. In this great article, you can learn more about them and their posters.

March 24, 2017

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