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National Geographic, Travel Photographer of the Year 2017

Photography_National Geographic_Nature_1

National Geographic has announced the winners of its acclaimed Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 competition. The winner of grand prize is Mexican photographer Sergio Tapiro Velasco whose photo named The Power of Nature features an erupting volcano with a perfectly-timed lightning strike. A panel of judges said there were over 15,000 photo submissions from photographers in approximately 30 countries. Categories for the contest included Nature, People, and Cities among others.

In our daily life living in a metropolitan city like New York, we tend to be surrounded by artificially beautiful stuff such as computer graphics, well-structured architecture, and photoshopped models. However, these beautiful photographs of nature are able to remind us of the natural beauty all around us. The beauty of nature can be found not only at the famous scenic spots but also at unknown small gardens in your neighborhood or even in capricious cloud formations. All we have to do is to see it with a different perspective like child.

As a graphic designer, I always seem to find the balance between digitalized, virtual beauty and natural beauty.

Below are some of the other winning images. Enjoy!

2nd Place "To Live" by Hiromi Kano

2nd Place “To Live” by Hiromi Kano

Honorable Mention "Forest of the Fairy" by Y. Takafuji

Honorable Mention “Forest of the Fairy” by Y. Takafuji

Honorable Mention "Mt. Bromo" by Reynold Dewantara

Honorable Mention “Mt. Bromo” by Reynold Dewantara

Honorable Mention "In Your Face" by Shane Gross

Honorable Mention “In Your Face” by Shane Gross

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August 4, 2017

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