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A Year of Yes: When an O’Keefe Grabs Back

new york city creative graphic design studio firm year yes okeefe grabs back brooklyn museum

A Year of Yes: Reimagining Feminism at the Brooklyn Museum began last year, October at the Brooklyn Museum and continues until early 2018. This is a perfect show for Women’s History Month. In this show, the history of feminism and feminist art are celebrated. The works of groundbreaking female artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Marilyn Minter challenge the definitions of women in a man’s world. Especially during these times where grabbing women by the you know what are normalized, we need a pick me up to remind us how awesome furious female power is.

From March to July 23rd, Georgia O’Keefe: Living Modern, a segment of A Year of Yes, ventures into the life of renowned twentieth-century painter and socialite Georgia O’Keefe. The exhibit dissects O’Keefe’s life into segments that reflect her elegance and complexity. In addition to her paintings, there are selected photographs of O’Keefe and her homes by other artists such as Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Philippe Halsman, Yousuf Karsh, Cecil Beaton, Andy Warhol, Bruce Weber and Todd Webb. These imageries illuminate the reality of her everyday life that were forgotten. Modernist Georgia O’Keefe created work that is recognized internationally by many. Her most popular works include Jimson Weed, Music Pink and Blue, and Black Iris. She was deeply influenced by Paul Strand, nature, and the vagueness of gender.

new york city creative graphic design studio firm year yes okeefe grabs back brooklyn museum

year yes okeefe grabs back brooklyn museum

Georgia O’Keefe: Living Modern is a scheduled exhibition. In the morning, it operates between 11 to 2pm, for the afternoon, you can enter between 2 to 5pm, and Thursday evenings between 5 to 8pm. Ticket prices vary. You can learn more about the exhibit here and purchase tickets on Eventbrite.

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March 10, 2017
Fine Arts
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