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Don’t Miss Polly Apfelbaum’s Exhibition at Alexander Gray Associates

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Alexander Gray Associates is currently having Polly Apfelbaum‘s exhibition in New York City. The exhibition features all new work, including gouache drawings, hand-woven rugs, and wall-mounted ceramics. Apfelbaum is an American artist who likes to discover different mediums and combine them together in her work. She also likes to display her artworks on the ground, so sometimes people also call her artwork “fallen paintings.”

She is trying to use big carpets to cover the whole exhibition room, letting it become an installation artwork. Many philosophers, psychologists, physicians, and artists went to a conference in San Fransisco in 1963 to discuss how women and men’s experiences in our society were impacted within the last 60 years, during the Female liberation movement. Appelbaum created some works that are inspired by Rudolph de Harak’s cover design for the conference abstract “Potential of Woman,” which features a flattened, stylized view of a female figure’s head. In the New York exhibition, Apfelbaum occupies and transforms the entire space with four rugs, painted walls, and dozens of wall-mounted ceramics.

She expresses her political attitude with the recurrent aesthetic of accumulation and diverse color saturation.The key her visual motif comes from the 1963 book, The Potential of Woman, published in conjunction with a symposium of the same name. However, she changes “Woman” to “Women” to emphasize women should come together and show women’s power.

New york sports branding graphic design agency

New york sports branding graphic design agency

New york sports branding graphic design agency

October 10, 2017
Fine Arts

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