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Polly Nor’s Exhibit: “Its Called Art Mum, Look It Up”

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“Looking Back,” All images © 2017 Polly Nor

For those who live in London, there is a great exhibition near by! Artist and internet celebrity Polly Nor has opened a new exhibit It’s Called Art Mum, Look It Up with work that continues her unapologetic exploration into the transparent side of women and their demons. While her work playfully captures the darker side of the modern woman, it portrays self-acceptance, sexual freedom, and honesty that accompanies their dark side.

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“Learned How to Hide My Crazy”

The exhibit itself, is a response to the mothers of her online fans that won’t allow their daughters to get tattoos of her work. “They thought it was inappropriate.” Which is perfectly okay because that is where the magic lies. Acknowledging conflicts of the real world is why her work makes an impact on others. “A lot of my work is inspired by the way my generation behaves online, the exploration of self-image and identity and the feelings and anxiety behind it,” she said in an interview. With 737k followers on Instagram, she clearly connects to a large audience, despite those mothers who disagree. Until August 22, you can take a look into her world of women emerging out their shells at Protein Studios. You can learn more about the event, here. You can also follow her work on Instagram.

‘Shedding Skins’ blowing in the wind

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August 20, 2017
Fine Arts

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