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Postcards From Places I’ve Never Been

Picture a postcard that is more about imagination than documentation, a depiction of where you haven’t been rather than where you have. “Postcards From Places I’ve Never Been” challenges the definition of a postcard and pulls the travel token away from its roots in the real.

Swimming Book, which describes itself as “a publisher for people who like swimming in books,” is behind the collection. They explain the concept of a postcard as an envelope-less letter of two faces, one the stamp and address and the other an image, usually of a place where one is or has been. But “through our imaginary, through what someone told us, through the books or the movies, we build ideas on places we’ve never been.” The 16 postcards, designed by 9 illustrators, feature familiar countries like Tunisia and Iceland but also more elusive, mythical spots such as Eden. Everything is contained inside a delightful, handmade cardboard box with a silkscreened cover.

“Postcards from Places I’ve Never Been” is a pleasure to explore, a journey not to other parts of the world but into the far reaches of the mind’s eye, to the center of the earth and back in time. I don’t think these postcards should be treated as too precious—use them, send them out into the world to a friend, lest they remain the their box untouched and never emerge from imagination into the real. Find them here.

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August 27, 2014
Publication Design

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