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Ambulatory Museum Plan Book

Client Galeria Ramis Barquet
Product Exhibition catalogue
Medium Print

Project Brief

“AMBULATORY: museum plan” was the New York City exhibition of the work of Luis Cruz Azaceta. A 48-page exhibition book was designed to showcase the artist’s work as the evolving main character of a story.


The cover is an original design inspired by the unique silhouettes of all the plates presented in the book. The overall color palette is blue and black—favorite colors of the artist that run through his corpus.

Heavier white paper stock was chosen for the presentation of the work itself, which comprises the front of the book. It stands out prominently against the lighter-weight blue stock used for the back, reserved for the textual notes.


The intimate size of the book, the economy of its color palette, and the subtlety of its typography allow Cruz Azaceta’s works—paintings, drawings, and collages—to tell their story in their own bold yet intricate voice.

Service Provided

Book design
Art direction

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