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Amphibian 2007 Season Posters

Client Amphibian Stage Productions
Product Theater posters
Medium Print, digital

Project Brief

Amphibian Stage Productions is a theatre company based in Fort Worth, Texas, that seeks to produce innovative and engaging works of theatre that challenge the way we see the world around us. This series of posters was designed to promote Amphibian Stage Productions 2007 Season.


Just as an actor must rely on only 2 elements (voice and body) to communicate on stage, Alfalfa Studio challenged itself to capture the essence of each play in a poster designed with only two elements:  wire and texture.


After reading the plays, the design team “drew” images out of wire. These “sculpture drawings” were then scanned and combined with textures that had been created from repetitions of the Amphibian logo.

The posters were also designed to work in various media and formats, such as advertising, postcards, websites, slide projections, full color, and black and white.

Service Provided

Image making

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