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Björk Cocoon


Client Björk, One Little Indian Records
Product Album Packaging & DVD
Medium Print

Project Brief

Björk is an Icelandic singer-songwriter with an eclectic musical style—she has achieved recognition in rock, jazz, electronic dance music, classical and folk.


Inspired by the sensuality of Björk’s song and video “Cocoon,” this trio of CD and DVD package designs was created under the direction of Eiko Ishioka (who also directed the music video). In the video, Björk gradually becomes encased in a cocoon of red threads spun from her own nipples.

We selected evocative stills from the video, digitally enhanced them, and added customized typography.


Originally, Björk and her record company intended to select one cover design but, in the end, they broke new ground by producing three of the proposed designs for the different remixes of the “Cocoon” single. The collection works as a series and individually, and is an intriguing example of Björk’s image as a groundbreaking, avant-garde artist.

Service Provided

Art direction
Image making


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