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DIFFA; Alfalfa New York


Client DIFFA; Alfalfa New York
Product Picnic Basket For Two, Fully Equipped
Medium Product Design

Project Brief

A fundraiser for DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS), Picnic By Design seeks to
redefine the picnic with over-the-top designer baskets. Invited to create them were more than 45
leading New York designers (fashion, graphic, costume, product, and set designers, as well as
stylists and photographers). Sold for $250 each, the baskets were enjoyed under the stars on the
rooftop terrace of the Scholastic Building in SoHo on August 21, 2013.

Basket requirements:

  • Must be portable and not exceed 20 pounds
  • Must include a blanket, cheese knife, cutting board, corkscrew, and bottle stopper
  • Must include pairs of plates, wineglasses, knives, forks, spoons, and napkins


For a picnic in the unique urban setting of a rooftop terrace in the heart of New York City, Alfalfa
Studio decided to celebrate the colors and icons of the City itself. For our client Alfalfa New York,
we transferred the design of the ICONYC poster of Manhattan onto plates, napkins, and an
enormous picnic blanket. For the basket itself, we used a construction-worker-style toolbox
adorned with decals of New York landmarks. Inside we included a cutting board in the shape of
Manhattan, and for fun, a pair of yellow toy taxis.


Our basket was purchased within the first 5 minutes of the online sale. In addition, in the designer
blogosphere, it was hailed as one the best baskets in the event, and received a lot of press,
including articles by BizBash , The Editor at Large, and Mod Design Guru.

Service Provided

Product design
Image making
Fashion design

picnic_by_design_alfalfa_studio_toolbox picnic_by_design_alfalfa_studio_cutting_boards picnic_by_design_alfalfa_studio_moodboard_maps picnic_by_design_alfalfa_studio_setting picnic_by_design_alfalfa_studio_blanket picnic_by_design_alfalfa_studio picnic_by_design_alfalfa_studio_becky_yee_photography

Photos by Greg Vore Photography, Becky Yee Photography, and Alfalfa Studio

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