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Client The Louisville Graphic Design Association
Product Poster
Medium Print

Project Brief

Rafael Esquer was invited to give a lecture in Louisville, KY. He was also asked to design a poster to promote his lecture.


Cleverly designed to speak on three levels at once, Esquer’s poster:
Pays tribute to the city of Louisville by making reference to its most famous son, Muhammad Ali
Signals graphic design as it subject through its affectionate parody of the famous 1968 Esquire cover by the legendary George Lois
Announces Esquer’s name by playing on its close similarity to Esquire


True to the text on Lois’s Esquire cover (“The Passion of Muhammad Ali”), Esquer also titled his lecture “The Passions of Rafael Esquer.” Photography is by Shoko Takayasu

Service Provided

Image making
Editorial design

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