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Mi Forma de Mirar

Client Galeria Ramis Barquet
Product Book
Medium Print

Project Brief

“Mi forma de mirar” was an exhibition of the work of Barcelona-born artist Joan Hernández Pijuan. It was organized by Galeria Ramis Barquet in New York City to mark the first anniversary of his death.


Designed to evoke the classic calm and directness of the artist’s expression, the exhibition book is contemplative in tone, inviting its audience to re-enact Hernández Pijuan’s meditative artistic process.
The vertical format alludes to the rectilinear structures that Hernández Pijuan abstracted from his landscape studies. The spot-varnished hard cover is inspired by the artist’s rich impastos.


As in Hernández Pijuan’s work, the magnetism in this book is generated in the details of its presentation. The mix of typography, materials, color, and structure creates a book that complements and celebrates the personality of the subject matter.

Service Provided

Book design
Editorial design

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