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New York University Alumni Day 2014

branding graphic design firm new york

Client New York University Office for Alumni Relations
Product Campaign
Medium Multi-media

Project Brief

Thriving beyond borders and across academic disciplines, NYU has emerged as one of the most networked and extensive worldwide platform for learning, teaching, researching, building knowledge, and inventing new ways to meet humanity’s challenges. Its students, faculty and alumni feed off the stimulating power of swirling intellectual and cultural experiences by mastering academic disciplines, expressing themselves in the arts, and excelling in demanding professions.

For the NYU Alumni Day 2014 we were asked to create a pride- or spirit-building image that represents NYU alumni as a whole united group and references the diversity of each of NYU’s schools (past and present). The image will be the campaign to be used on all marketing and promotional materials, including print, digital, and product giveaways, to promote Alumni Day 2014.

The goal is to create excitement and nostalgia as well as to set the tone for Alumni Day. Additionally, it needed to work within a flexible system to be applied effectively across multiple media and platforms.


The design process was guided by one of the client’s main direction: to present an image that is inviting, collegiate, nostalgic and diverse. Guided by these criteria the campaign shows a dynamic collage of vintage photography, retro typography and colorful circles. The images and type style were the result of our researching the university visual archives.

Conceptually, we emphasize the idea of strengthening community. Alumni Day is an opportunity to come back to their alma mater and celebrate their ties to the people, the city and the institution that played such a crucial role in their lives is affirmation of the fact that alumni’s relationship to NYU is life-long.
At the end, the campaign portrays Alumni Day as a fun, vibrant, not-to-be-missed event. It also conforms to all corporate style guidelines provided by New York University.


The campaign was featured in postcards, posters, lightpole banners, digital banners, animations, event signage and merchandising. It reached over 200,000 NYU alumni, faculty and staff, and parents of NYU students. As stated in NYU Alumni’s website, “it was a fantastic success across all events and activities.”

In addition to being prominently featured in their main event on Washington Square on Saturday, November 8, it also branded the festivities celebrated by alumni clubs across the US and throughout the world from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi and from London to Buenos Aires.

Service Provided


branding graphic design firm new york

branding graphic design firm new york

branding graphic design firm new york

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