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NYC 311

Client The City of New York
Product Branding Campaign
Medium Print, Environmental, Digital, Television

Project Brief

The 311 Citizen Service campaign was developed to launch the New York City government’s 311 program, and to raise awareness of the services and information that residents can easily access by dialing 311.


For the campaign, the logo became a poster, a billboard, a bumper sticker, and more: a direct communication through typography and color. In a graphically busy city landscape where everything competes for attention, we used a basic color palette of yellow and black to achieve maximum visual impact.


When people see DIAL 311, they know exactly what to do. This identity can be seen on top of taxis, on bumper stickers on city vehicles and cabs, on garbage cans, on telephone booths, in subways, on buses, on city websites, on electronic billboards and apps. It also appears in two Public Service Announcements and has set the standard for government information agencies across the US.

Service Provided

Public service campaign

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