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Ray Griffiths


Client Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry
Product Website
Medium Online

Project Brief

Australian-born jeweler, Ray Griffiths, has been creating exquisite jewelry for more than 30 years. Drawing inspiration from architecture and antiquity, Ray designs and builds his masterpieces by hand in his light-filled atelier on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Renowned for his exquisite metalwork, profound technical skills, and exquisitely cut gemstones, Ray produces timelessly elegant jewelry. He asked Alfalfa Studio to bring his unique brand online.


Throughout the design process, Alfalfa Studio ensured that the brand will stay relevant, current, and scalable for future line extensions.

All artistic and technical decisions were made with an eye on Ray’s original goals: to raise company visibility, and to bring forward his brand’s main attributes of luxury, glamour, exclusiveness, and sophistication.

Inspired by Ray’s signature crown work*, and guided by brand color, pattern, and typography, the website aesthetics seamlessly bring the analog experience into the digital realm.

*Crown work is the grid-like pattern that is featured on all of Ray Griffiths’s jewelry. Developed through his classical jewelry training and love of antiquity, Ray’s crown work is a historical reference that shines through every jewel.


The new responsive site design brings forward Ray Griffiths’s competitive advantages:

  • Timeless look and exclusive design
  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • High-quality materials


With a customized Content Management System, the new site is scalable, and easy to update and maintain by the client. With responsive design, it works beautifully on desktops, iPads, and smart phones.

In additional, the site educates prospective clients, press, and retailers about Ray Griffiths’s work, entices prospective buyers, and cleanly transmits the “experience” of Ray as a person, an artist, and a brand.

Service Provided

Web design




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