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Terra Incognita


Client ExTeresa Arte Actual. Galeria Ramis Barquet
Product Book
Medium Print

Project Brief

Terra Incognita is the museum catalog for Laura Anderson Barbata’s 2002 exhibition in Mexico City titled Terra Incognita: Social Interventions Project/Proyecto Intervenciones Sociales.

The double challenge for the book’s design was, on one hand, to capture in static images a sense of the dynamic visual, tactile, auditory, and even olfactory experience of many of Anderson Barbata’s multi-media pieces; on the other hand to express the cultural layering at the heart of her work, much of which is created or inspired through her extended contact with the Yanomami and Ye’kuana tribes of the Venezuelan rainforest.


The translucent paper in the book’s opening and closing sequences and the gloss spot-varnish on its cover and back refer to the tactility of the artist’s work and to its character as a cultural palimpsest.

To deliver the distinctive flavors of the mayor pieces, each plate was treated differently in its composition and typography. Yet to suggest the common frame of reference in the artist’s corpus, a uniform grid, color palette, and typeface family give the plates coherence.


The 112-page catalog presents English and Spanish in a way that suggests how the two are always intertwined for Anderson Barbata. With four column per spread, the master grid allows the outside English columns to be set in black and the inside Spanish columns in warm gray, forming an organic, nesting page layout.

Service Provided

Book design
Editorial design







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