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Vote Poster

Client AIGA the professional association for design
Product Poster
Medium Print

Project Brief

Alfalfa Studio was selected by AIGA to design a poster to be part of the get-out-the-vote campaign for national elections in the fall of 2004. The poster had to encourage voter participation through effective use of images, text and ideas. The visuals and the text of the message had to be nonpartisan. The posters were posted in visible places—post offices, schools, businesses, public bulletin boards—and homes nationwide.


Taking inspiration from the 'obscure' worlds of Christo, Magritte, and Bosch, an enigmatic, wrapped and bound figure is positioned in front of the simple word 'vote', raising broad questions about the connection of voting to freedom, identity, self-expression, change, and power—and their opposites.


Alfalfa Studio’s solution was to present a simple, evocative, and intriguing image that could speak on different levels at once. Whatever one’s particular conclusions might be, the poster indirectly reminds its audience that voting is always a meaningful privilege.

Service Provided

Image making
Art direction

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