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How Skillshare is Affecting the Design Community

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I am a work in progress. Although I feel comfortable with creating interesting images on my own time and for work, I always feel as though I have more to improve on. For people like me, we turn to online learning platforms to improve our skills.

For some reason recently, Skillshare has become the unofficial hub of celebrity designers. It’s not new for Skillshare to have prominent leaders in their field guiding the online community. In the past, creatives like Jessica Hische and John Maeda have hosted classes in their respected specialties. Now since those pivotal designers of our lifetime like Paula Scher and Chipp Kidd have joined in, what does that mean for the design community?

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to create a logo from the designers that inspired us and created today’s most recognizable pieces of design?

And who wouldn’t want a skip years of paying off college loan debt when you have something close to the college that costs far less than your parent’s or friends’ education.

It’s a quiet change, but it’s happening.

What is Skillshare and How can you access it?

Skillshare is an online video tutorial hub that offers classes on any topic that you could think of. From design to cooking, Skillshare has a wide range of options for classes to help you improve your skills. Regardless of the what class you take, many of the classes available are project driven, enabling you to spend your time on learning and building your creativity, community and your portfolio. You not only can learn how to illustrate, design, or code better, classes that are available can teach you how to use important programs that professionals use. Some of these programs include Adobe Creative Suite to the Cinema 4D.

You can access Skillshare by subscribing to their service. Prices start between USD $7 to $10, depending on the scheduled payment plan you choose. They have monthly or yearly payment plans.

What is the origin of this new trend?

Founded in 2010 and launched in 2012, Skillshare has made many changes to improve the state of accessible learning online. Meant to bridge the gap between professionals and novices, it has done just that. Although tutorial videos aren’t anything new, receiving tutorials from those you trust and admire are a much rarer case.

But do they offer good classes?

In all honesty, the effectiveness of a class depends on person’s needs and skill level. Some classes feel like a demonstration rather than the usual lesson that you and I are used to. Other classes, depending on the instructor, are project-based classes meant to do two things, build your portfolio and learn a new skill.

new york branding sports graphic design agency

What does this mean for designers? And schools that focus on design?

In a world where specialty schools like Parsons School of Design can cost up to 30,000 a year, learning design online is a reasonable consideration. People used to (and still) spend thousands of dollars on exclusive guidance from their heroes. Now since Skillshare has creatives that are more famous than your typical design professor, many may have to reconsider the payout of attending an expensive school.

Luckily, this will expand the importance and knowledge of design. There will more individuals expressing themselves with the proper skills to design.

The Takeaway

If you haven’t noticed, I am really excited to see the design community expanding into different horizons because of platforms like Skillshare. Those who don’t have the means to attend the high-end schools can now have access to developing their skills from trustworthy teachers.

January 10, 2018
Fine Arts

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