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Swarm of Drones Illuminates Miami Beach

Drone_Art Basel_Miami_Technology_1

If you participated in Art Basel in Miami at the beginning of this month, you might see a flock of starlings moving throughout the night sky. You must think they are birds, but truth is, they are drones.

The Amsterdam-based artist duo Studio Drift created the art-piece in which 300 drones mimic a flock of birds at night, titled “FRANCHISE FREEDOM.” The artists, Dutch Lonneke Gordijn and English-born Ralph Nauta, have studied the creatures’ habits for years and programmed the drones to simulate natural murmuration behavior with certain algorithms. This moving sculpture is a result of a recent partnership with the company, BMW.

This art piece made by this duo is really inspiring. I love how they studied the natural behavior of birds to capture their natural movements. Building connections between nature and technology are innovative ideas that should be further explored.

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Drone_Art Basel_Miami_Technology_4

Drone_Art Basel_Miami_Technology_3

All Photo @Dezeen

All Photo @Dezeen

December 19, 2017
Fine Arts

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