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Trump Connections by Kim Albrecht


President Trump’s business dealings are so extensive and have so many conflicts of interest that Buzzfeed created an open-sourced spreadsheet named “trumpworld” to keep track of them all. It compiles a list of over 1700 names, organizations, and business dealings that are in connection with Trump. Such an important list needs to be seen and readily available to the public, should anyone need to use it. More importantly this list needs to be easily understood, and what better way than to have Kim Frederic Albrecht, visual researcher & information designer create 2 different visual maps in the form of data webs. The first is a web of names with Trump in the middle. Each name is larger or smaller depending on how many connections they have to our 45th president. The second map is from each individual or company perspective, allowing the viewer to go more in depth.

According to his website, Kim is interested in networks, time, power, processes and how we can find visual representations for these topics to produce and represent knowledge. He is currently based in Boston, working at the Center for Complex Network Research as visualization researcher. Check out his website for more stunning visuals and interesting connections to Trump.



All photos belong to Kim Frederic Albrecht.

February 1, 2017

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