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USSR: Textile Propaganda

New york branding sports graphic design agency
We censure the late USSR for their harsh methods, their utopic ideas, and their totalitarian approach to socialism but we’ve got to give them credit for this: they surely knew how to create beautiful looking propaganda! Their red, yellow and black propaganda created a style that changed design forever, but it also changed the way propaganda influences people by the means of visual communication.

In the 1920s & 1930s, USSR propaganda reached it’s peak and it reached every aspect of Russian Society of the time. Lenin’s face, the sickle, the hammer and all the Revolution’s symbols were to be found in every household in the USSR. Tablecloths, sheets, curtains, and scarves were filled with patterns that reassured the values of the Revolution.

This beautiful union of art and propaganda reminds us that there can be beauty even in the most in-your-face advertisement. Even if we censure the idea behind certain designs, we need to realize that behind every design or piece of art, there’s a designer that believes passionately in the conveyed idea. Propaganda art can be beautiful and iconic, just as rebellious art can.


New york branding sports graphic design agency

New york branding sports graphic design agency

New york branding sports graphic design agency

August 2, 2017
Fine Arts

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