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Design Inspiration: Valerio Pellegrini’s Infographic for WIRED UK

New york sports branding graphic design agency

In my opinion, WIRED magazine has one of the most striking collections of accessible editorial design on news stands. In each issue, the overall design is impeccably consistent, original, and subtly rebellious with its vibrant color schemes and energetic graphics.

Today’s design inspiration is Valerio Pellegrini’s design for WIRED UK. Pellegrini’s design is a beautiful infographic that displays data on the use of nuclear reactors for the article, “Nuclear Slowdown,” by Matthew Reynolds. Mycle Schneider co-author of the 2016 Nuclear Industry Status Report provided the information for the infographic.

Looking at data on nuclear energy has never looked this good. Those vibrant colors of the data and background paired with contrasting sans type successfully continues visual consistency with WIRED‘s brand and remains faithful to his personal aesthetic. You can see more of his work on Behance

New york sports branding graphic design agency

New york sports branding graphic design agency

Valerio Pellegrini_Nuclear_Slowdown_1

October 8, 2017
Publication Design
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