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What does 4:44 mean?

Advertising_Jay Z_Album_TITAL_1

If you recently lived or visited NYC, you may have seen these cryptic billboards all around the city. You might see this within your Facebook timeline, Instagram feed, or have watched a televised trailer during game 3 of the NBA Finals on June 7th. And you are probably thinking, what the hell this is? Finally, we could figure out what this is.

This is the new advertising campaign for the release of JAY-Z’s new album done by TIDAL, which is owned by JAY-Z. This advertising strategy is clever by taking advantage of the power of social media. Once TIDAL showed the enigmatic message all over the city and online, people reacted, did lots of speculation and then posted on their social media, spreading across the world with a lower budget compared to typical mass media advertising.

Design wise, the old style typeface with the beige color backdrop makes me feel more mysterious and curious about what this means.

Since social media became an important part of our lives, many have found new ways of advertising their emerging projects.

Advertising_Jay Z_Album_TITAL_2

Advertising_Jay Z_Album_TITAL_3

Advertising_Jay Z_Album_TITAL_4

Advertising_Jay Z_Album_TITAL_5

Advertising_Jay Z_Album_TITAL_6

June 30, 2017

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