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What Type Are You? by Pentagram

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What type are you? Answer four simple questions that will help you drink from the font of self knowledge, face the truth, and find out just what type you are,” says the calming voice of an Eastern European sounding man. You cannot see his face, but he wears corduroys and a three piece suit and sits in a modernist sort of study, a bookcase behind him with various artifacts and a cup a tea on the table to his left. Patient and refined, he holds a notepad and pen in his hands, awaiting your answers.

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A screenshot from the quiz

This is Pentagram’s type quiz, crafted from seven years of research by 23 academics across Eastern Europe. The quiz asks four questions—if you are emotional or rational, understated or assertive, traditional or progressive, relaxed or disciplined. The accompanying video is charming and clever; the man pictured takes a sip of tea or chides you to make a decision while he awaits your click.

At the end, he tells you one of sixteen possible typefaces that matches your combination of responses, and you receive an analysis of the typeface that fits you, whether you like it or not. “The recommendation is sometimes controversial but always unerringly true,” states Pentagram’s website. We all know not to put too much weight on the website’s verdict—humans are, of course, an intricate combination of traits like these—but it’s still great fun to see what typeface Pentagram determines you to be.

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My type – “Archer Hairline”

August 19, 2014

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