Texas Boys Choir, Fort Worth Academy of the Arts, Texas Elementary School of the Arts

A family of brand identities that bridges the gap between the education and performing arts communities

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Project brief:

With the resurgence of values once on the verge of extinction, the time was right to rebrand the Fort Worth Academy of the Arts, the Texas Boys Choir and the Texas Elementary School of the Arts—three sibling institutions that were not capitalizing on their relationship and crucial role in the community. Their values: solid education and appreciation for the arts in a nurturing environment.

The three organizations had been overly reliant on word of mouth and other traditional means of communication to support their growth; it was time to address the new market dynamics and create a more exciting and emotional connection with their audience.

The main goal of this project was to strengthen the brand of each organization while visually communicating their relationship, hence elevating their value as a group and individually. Establishing a cohesive visual language for the family of organizations makes the brand more valuable to benefactors, alumni, administrators, and, of course, students. In addition, it creates a flexible system that can grow with the institutions.


At the conclusion of our research and discovery phase, we identified the strategic priorities to deliver on the mission and long-term vision of all three organizations: it was imperative to strengthen each brand by defining a consistent tone, voice, and visual language. In addition, depicting a clear relationship between the three partners would strengthen, give credibility, and enhance their public profile.
With these objectives in mind, we set out to create a family of brand identities that bridged the gap between the education and performing arts communities. Furthermore, we aimed to elevate the brand of the Texas Boys Choir to be recognized as the respected, strong cultural institution that it is and to position the Fort Worth Academy of Arts and the Texas Elementary School of the Arts as top art education institutions in the U.S.


Since the new identity was launched at the end of 2010, recognition for the brand has increased consistently. Furthermore, while retaining their legacy, the organizations are now perceived as current and forward thinking, resulting in increased enrollment and financial support.
The Texas Boys Choirs continues to be sought-after and a major attraction in national and international musical events.


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