Alfalfabet Open Bold


The Alfalfabet Open Bold font is one of the three weights of the Alfalfabet Open Family. An Alfalfa New York-exclusive typeface, it is inspired by the ‘impossible objects’ of Reutersvärd, Escher and the Penroses. The impossible letterforms trick the eye with the illusion of 3D shapes that shift perspective in paradoxical ways.

For use on posters, logos and more, the dimensional feel of the stems of the letterforms lends itself to expressing an infinite number of ideas and worlds.

The OpenType font comes with 105 additional glyphs of miniature figures of people and pets that are seen in the Alfalfabet poster. Like a riddle, the Alfalfabet typeface feels both playful and profound.


  • Designer: Alfalfa Studio
  • Design date: 2015/16
  • Publisher: Alfalfa New York
  • Format: OpenType
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