Alfalfabet Signed


Free with your purchase: the Alfalfabet Block font family

Printed in black on ivory, the Alfalfabet poster and eponymous display font were inspired by the “impossible objects” of Reutersvärd, Escher, and the Penroses. The poster expresses the “impossible” ability of 26 letters to generate an infinite number of ideas and worlds.

From A to Z, the letterforms of Alfalfabet trick the eye with the illusion of 3D shapes that shift perspective in paradoxical ways. Like a riddle, Alfalfabet feels both playful and profound.

“I think it’s safe to say that at a young age every graphic designer was fascinated by their first encounter with Reutersvärd’s Impossible Triangle, Escher’s Impossible Cube, and the Penrose Stairs,” says Alfalfabet designer Rafael Esquer. “These impossible objects express something elemental about graphic design: it’s the illusion of space and movement in a static, 2D medium. To me, graphic design is the art of the trickster—and so is writing, for that matter.”

Each poster comes with a Letter of Authenticity and, at no extra charge, the Alfalfabet Block
font family (a set of 3 typefaces: Alfalfabet Block Light, Regular, and Bold).


  • Signed by the designer, Rafael Esquer
  • Standard one-sheet movie-poster size: 27” x 40”
  • Premium Italian heavy cardstock, FSC-certified
  • Offset printed in black with soy-based ink
  • Professionally packaged and securely shipped
  • Paper:

  • Perfectly chosen for collectible, museum-quality posters
  • Natural Evolution 200 gsm by Gruppo Cordenons, Milan
  • Soft marked surface, excellent stiffness, bulk, and opacity
  • Special matte coating on both sides for high ink holdout
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