Iconic New York Illuminated Signed


Imagine a shimmering Klimt-like homage to New York at night!

Rendered in radiant gold and silver foils and luminous metallic inks, Iconic New York Illuminated© celebrates the lights and landmarks of New York at night. Masterfully printed and stamped on velvety black premium paper, this poster shines as brightly as the City itself after dark.

“Everybody loves New York,” says designer Rafael Esquer. “I wanted to create a deluxe, collectible souvenir that says, New York loves you back—especially after dark.”

Iconic New York Illuminated© is composed of more than 600 icons. Compared to the original 2013 Iconic New York© poster, this night edition has nearly 200 additional icons, including 28 buildings, 23 celebrities, 20 media outlets, 12 cultural institutions, 11 urban legends, 10 writers, 8 sports teams, 3 superheroes, and 1 saint.

New more quirky details were added, too. Look for pizza-rat in the East Village, the Miracle on the Hudson, a diamond-garnished martini for only $10,000, and a few legally topless women wandering about. And around every corner, watch out for pedestrians, prams, poodles, and pretzels!
Each poster is numbered comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Alfalfa New York.


  • 660 mm x 990 mm (26 inches x 39 inches)
  • Luxurious, crease-resistant, black premium paper
  • Custom-printed with 4 metallic inks and 2 foils
  • Professionally packaged and securely shipped
  • Signed by the designer, Rafael Esquer


  • Slide™ 120 gsm by Gruppo Cordenons, Milan, Italy
  • Deep, rich, soft-touch black with high contrast
  • Special plastic-like surface for prestige publications
  • International Standard ISO 9706 LONG LIFE; neutral pH
  • Perfectly chosen for collectible posters and fine art prints